Emma Fraser
— Design Assistant

October 20th, 2017

The Season of Light

Emma Fraser, Design Assistant / October 20th, 2017

The nights are drawing in, so everyone keeps reminding me, and with summer seeming like a distant memory we turn our thoughts to the dark nights ahead until once again the clocks spring forward.

It seems to be a natural instinct at this time of year to make small tweaks to our homes in preparation for the evenings spent in our little safe havens. From adding layers to our living rooms and bedrooms in the form of cosy throws and cushions to stocking up on the spice scented candles.

But fear not, winter is a wonderful opportunity to see our homes in a new light, pardon the pun. With curtains being drawn earlier we can begin to experiment and play with mood in the home by using light in inviting and ingenious ways.

One thing which is worthwhile investing in, which won’t leave you gagging on scents or sweating underneath layers, is a lovely new light. Whether it’s a statement piece or just something to illuminate that dark corner in your living room, a new light fitting will make those long evenings a little cheerier.

On a recent trip to London we took in the stunning mastery that is Buster Punch. Their new BUSETR BULB / TUBE looks incredible as a stand alone piece, but when grouped like this creates a unique statement sure to get people talking.

The Original BTC stand at Chelsea Harbor Focus 2017 exhibition certainly made a statement, playing with scale and textures, we loved the industrial lanterns and the metallic materials.

Think outside the box and opt for a wall light. These fashionable wall light fittings are appearing in every room from the bathroom to replacing the humble bedside lamp. This ‘Lab Wall Light’ from Holloways of Ludlow is perfect for casting a warm ambient glow.

Even in a kitchen lighting doesn’t always need to have a practical use. In this client’s home a mixture of pendants, spot lights and a table lamp can create a world of lighting choices.

So, embrace these dark nights and let the warm glow of a vintage squirrel cage bulb wash over you…

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